Its hard to pick my favorite places on campus, so I broke it down into 3 categories.

  • My favorite space to just hang out: The Epstein Family Plaza

When ever its nice outside (pretty much any day it isn’t raining) you can find me eating lunch in the plaza. The chairs are comfortable enough to take a nap, you can always find other engineers hanging out in the quad, and it’s relaxing enough to just take a break from work and class and sit and chill.


  • The place I’m most productive: SAL

Some people hate SAL, some people love it. I’m somewhere in between. Something about the SAL computer lab makes me so incredibly productive that I’ll end up staying up all night there doing all of my work for the week. Its a 24/7 computer lab where you can always find computer science students in office hours, or aerospace and mechanical students working on their CAD assignments. I love working there because of how collaborative yet focused of an environment it is.


  • The best Place to Eat: RTH Cafe

BAHN MI IS LIFE. Right in the heart of the engineering school is the RTH cafe where you can often find me standing in line to get the Thai BBQ Beef Bahn Mi. Its the cheapest lunch item, and one of my favorites. If you ever stop by campus, I highly recommend!


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