While spring semester is absolutely crazy with Explore USC programs and Engineers Week, it is absolutely my favorite! I LOVE being busy so this semester has started off strong with amazing class, engineers week planning, and some new projects I’ve been working on.


This semester, my schedule is amazing and I’m taking really cool classes! I only have 1 class Monday, Thursday and Friday and I chose to take a Physical Education class to force me to workout twice a week. In addition, the class I am most excited for is a technical elective ENG 401: Teaching Engineering to Kids. This course involved creating lesson plans and projects and then eventually doing a 5 week after school course with young kids and their families to introduce them to the design method and engineering topics.

Engineers Week

My favorite week of the year is Engineers week. It involves an entire week of celebration and fun events for undergraduate engineering students all put together by KIUEL! This year we have so many new events and we’re revamping events to make them better! From bringing and In n’ Out Burger Truck to campus to holding a bubble soccer tournament, we’re doing it all; however the event I’m looking forward to most is Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. We’re bring about 100 middle schools from the local LA area to introduce them to engineering by doing a coding workshop, science experiments and providing mentorship throughout the day to help them understand STEM. The week is less than a month away and the KPC team is hard at work putting on the best engineers week ever!

E-Week Kick Off Carnival

Engineers Week Kick Off Carnival

New Projects: College Star

If someone was to tell me freshman year that I’d be helping put on a singing competition, I’d tell them they’re crazy, but this semester I’m helping a friend bring College Star to USC! College Star is pretty much an American Idol style singing competition but for college students. He made College Star a huge hit at Berkeley and is now expanding to USC and I can’t wait to see all of the talent USC brings.



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