While the title of this blog is slightly bittersweet because I no longer have a meal plan and have to learn how to cook and be an adult and pay rent, I am still so excited for sophomore year! While I spent most of my freshman year looking for new passions, clubs, and opportunities, this year I am finally able to be on board of those clubs and do undergraduate research!

The past couple weeks have been crazy, but its finally put all of the hard work of summer planning together. The day after I arrived in LA, I got to complete my first Freshman Academy Coach duties by volunteering at the Viterbi Luau! I loved meeting all of the new students (especially my fellow aerospace engineers) and bonding with the new coaches! I can’t wait to get to know my freshman academy better and help them through their first semester!

Freshmen Academy Coaches at the Viterbi Luau

Freshmen Academy Coaches at the Viterbi Luau

I got to spend last Sunday with all of the Viterbi Student Org leaders at the Viterbi President’s Council (VPC) Retreat. As an officer of the Klein Institute of Undergraduate Engineering Life (KIUEL) Programming Committee, we spent a lot of summer planning this retreat and it was so rewarding to see all of our plans come to life. All the Viterbi Org Leaders are so motivated and determined to strengthen the bonds of the Viterbi Community and I am so excited for the upcoming year with them.

The Viterbi President's Council at the VPC Retreat!

The Viterbi President’s Council at the VPC Retreat

Outside of extra circulars, I have a pretty solid course load with AME 201 (Statics), AME 310 (Thermodynamics), PHYS 152 (Electricity and Magnetism), and two GEs on Japanese Literature and Grassroots Organizations. Also, I just started my undergraduate research on Optical Flow of Micro-Robotic Flying Machines in the autonomous microrobotic systems lab. ¬†I am still in the paper reading and research phase, but I’ll be sure to blog more when I come across an exciting development!

Overall I am so excited to get more involved with Viterbi and take more Major related classes, the Fall semester is already off to an amazing start!


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