Happy Summer ’16 everyone! This summer I decided to take a break from engineering and try out doing a Marketing and Sales Strategy internship at a software start up in Santa Monica, CA called fynd. Since it’s a start-up, I’m learning a little bit of everything from every aspect of the company, but I’m also able to bring some of my engineering background to the internship. A lot of what I’m doing is compiling data on website and social media traffic, creating charts and reports for potential early access users, and writing blogs (thanks VSA). So, I guess I can say the year of MechOps torcher already came in handy!

It’s been really cool seeing the other side of the industry working in a more business like atmosphere but my boss constantly tells me, “You’re such an engineer” when I’m doing research or compiling reports so I think that means that USC taught me well and I will probably do my next internship at an engineering company.

Since I’m working in Santa Monica, I’m able to take the new Santa Monica Line that picks me up right from my house and takes me a block a way from work for only $1.75 and in only 40 minutes (so much better than the 1-1.5 hours in traffic I had to endure driving and I’ve been able to do some reading along the way.

Before I started my internship I took a spontaneous Birthday trip to Miami (holla at $167 round trip flight!) It was such a fun trip, and we went snorkeling in the Florida Keys. I highly recommend going if you find a good deal!

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Hope everyone out there is having a great summer!




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