You heard me right, surfing! After waiting for three years to get into probably the only impacted class at USC (for obvious reasons), I’m finally taking surfing!

I’ve grown up in southern California my whole life, and my whole family is way more cool than I ever will be and are ridiculously good surfers. BUT, it’s my time to shine! In order to get in the class you actually have to pass a pretty difficult surfing test. Since the last time I had competitively swam was when I was in swim lessons when I was 6, I had to enlist in the help of veteran VSA and high school swim captain Alex Coco! After doing two a day swim training for a week, I (barely) passed the test!

USC lets you rent boards, car racks, and a wet suit for free! (As long as you don’t break it, and there already have been 2 board breaks in my class already sooooo….) The class is designed to teach people that don’t know how to surf at all how to surf and it’s honestly such an amazing class. The professor teaches us not only how to surf, but about the ocean, the environment, and the lingo needed to be a cool surfer.

I highly recommend if you can get into USC, get into the surfing class in any way possible.

Protip: check the first week a class to get in. The spots in the class fill up way before but as the swim test nears, a lot of students drop because they fail the test or just fear the test. I’m currently car pooling 2 freshmen so it can be done! I’m taking it at 8am Friday and I couldn’t think of a better start to the day. (minus the 1 hour traffic to the beach…)

Happy surfing 🙂

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