This semester has been crazy busy, but still so amazing. As finals approach I am reflecting on all of the opportunities I’ve had this semester, and all the amazing events that I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of and attend. Here are the top 10 moments of this semester!

1. VPC Retreat

I already blogged about the Viterbi President’s council retreat, so I won’t elaborate too much, but this retreat was such a great way to start off the semester. The whole KIUEL Programming committee put in so much effort in order to make this retreat great.

2. Seeing Pippin at the Pantages

This Fall I got to see the musical Pippin at the Pantages Theater and it was incredible! If you haven’t seen the musical it is like Broadway meets cirque du soleil! Even better, the Pantages is just a couple Metro Rail lines away from USC so it took only 30 minutes to get there by public transportation!

3. When the Buried Life came to speak at USC

For all of you who don’t know who the buried life are, they are a group of guys who set out to complete an incredible bucket list in college which included feats such as Attending a Party at the Playboy mansion, crashing the VMAs, and even playing basketball with Obama. For every thing they cross off their list they help a stranger cross something off theirs such as reuniting with family or helping out in the community. They came to USC and spoke on their experiences and it was incredible!

4. Engineers Week Planning Kick off!

I already blogged a lot about how excited I am for E-Week, so I won’t talk too much about it, but ENGINEERS WEEK IS ONLY A COUPLE MONTHS AWAY!!!!

5.  Watching How to Get Away with Murder with Makana and Ellen

While the winter season finale has already come, it was great this semester bonding with Makana and Ellen even more over one of the greatest shows on television!!!

6. Settlers of Catan Game night with my friends

This semester I started playing Settlers of Catan weekly with my best Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering friends. We often get so caught up in it that we don’t realize we’ve been playing for 6 hours and it 3:00am. If you haven’t played Settlers, I highly recommend it!!

7. USC v. UCLA Game

While the game didn’t turn out in our favor, I still enjoyed the experience of going to the Rose Bowl. My friend and I took the Metro there and realized a lot of USC fans do too! The entire Metro was full of USC fans and when we got off the Spirit of Troy soundtrack was playing at the station! Also another perk for me was I got to see my boyfriend from UCLA!

My boyfriend and I at the Rose Bowl for the USC v UCLA game

My boyfriend and I at the Rose Bowl for the USC v UCLA game

8. Meeting Prospective Students at Discover USC

This was my first ever Discover event and I had such an amazing time meeting prospective students and talking to families! It was a great way to remind myself why I chose to go to USC and help others make that decision too! Also, there was an awesome photo booth.

9. Seeing Jimmy Kimmel Live with Hannah!

This was something I had always wanted to do, and I finally got tickets! (It’s really not difficult at all, I was just too lazy to figure out the process earlier) In a spur of the moment thing, Hannah and I went to see a taping of the Jimmy Kimmel Live show! We saw him do a hilarious interview with one of my idols Mindy Kaling, and then somehow ended up at the Rick Ross outdoor concert! It was such a great and FREE experience I can’t wait to go back!

10. Freshman Academy

Freshman Academy is a course only offered in the fall and is taught by two upper classmen “coaches” and a professor, and today is my last day being a coach for this semester. 🙁 I enjoyed my first year of coaching so much and I can’t wait for it to be next fall! I loved getting to know all of my freshman students and teach them about what all Viterbi has to offer.


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