Engineers Week is a nation wide week aimed at celebrating engineers contributions to society. USC Viterbi school of Engineering takes part in this week by putting on its own engineers week for undergraduate engineering students. KIUEL which is one of the involvements I blogged about earlier is responsible for putting on events every day for engineers week. All events can be seen on our facebook page here, but here is also a synopsis of events.

This year, KIUEL will be doing:

Monday: Kick Off Carnival

Tuesday: Quiz Bowl Competition

Wednesday: Viterbi Talent Show

Thursday: Zumba Day

Friday: Viterbi Ball

Each year we ask for Viterbi Orgs to participate in E-Week by hosting their own events. Events that will be happening from other engineering orgs will be the ASBME (association of students in biomedical engineering) Bionic Pig Race, SHPE (society of hispanic engineers) Discover which is our main outreach event for the week, and many of the women in engineering orgs are hold an introduce a girl to engineering day! There are many more events in addition. Overall, E -Week is an extremely fun week for all engineers to celebrate being an engineers with academic, social and philanthropic events. And, there is always free food!

Its going to be a busy week next week with the first round of explore hosting, E-Week and a midterm, but I can’t wait to celebrate the end of it at the VIterbi Ball!



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