Last week was, in my opinion, the greatest week of the year in Viterbi, Engineers Week! I’ve blogged a lot about the excitement of Engineers Week with my work with KIUEL, but now that all of the over is finally over, I completely miss the craziness of Engineers Week. Overall it was a super busy week, but worth all the time planning and participating in the events.

Here are some pictures and tweets from some of the incredible events that I attended last week.

Monday: Kick Off Carnival!

There was a giant carnival in the engineering quad of campus where students could come get FREE In n Out, Dip n Dots, Pizza, popcorn, cotton Candy, and more! There were games, raffles, races so students can take a break from their school work and just have some fun.


Photobooth pictures with VSA

Tuesday: San Disk Speaker and Quiz Bowl

We had the VP of Engineering from the electronic storage company San Disk come to speak, and shortly after we had Quiz Bowl! There were 22 teams, free In n Out, Pizza, and Dip in Dots!

Wednesday: Talent Show!  This was the day I had been looking forward to all year! We had 9 talent acts, and filled up Ground Zero performance cafe with talent show watchers! 

The Greatest Talent Show Committee Ever

The Greatest Talent Show Committee Ever

Thursday: Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day All of the women engineering Orgs came together to put together a day dedicated to introducing high school girls in the community to engineering. I volunteered by teaching girls a python programing workshop. 

 Friday: Discover E and Viterbi Ball!

These two events are a great way to complete engineers week. I was up bright and early to volunteer with SHPE and then stayed out late dancing the night away at Viterbi Ball!

viterbi ball

Viterbi Ball


Discover Engineering

Discover Engineering


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