This week we’re talking about our favorite Viterbi Student organization (org) and my favorite org is KIUEL, the Klein Institute of Undergraduate Engineering Life. Since that’s a mouthful to say we just call ourselves KIUEL (cool).

KIUEL works closely with Viterbi student affairs to put on Viterbi wide events and initiatives. Our biggest event of the year is Engineers Week in February which I’ve blogged about before.  This semester we’ve been putting a huge focus on Viterbi Leadership!

Our first event of the year was the Viterbi President’s Retreat where all of the Viterbi Presidents came together (shout out to Maria and Ian!) for a weekend retreat in Temescal Canyon. We completed various leadership tasks, learned about our leadership style, and hiked all around the canyon. This week we even had our first VPC Meeting where all of the presidents came together to meet and chat about club progress and go through a public speaking workshop.

I joined KIUEL my freshman year as an Engineering Week Committee member and this year I am Chair of the whole org! I’m nervous and excited, but this organization has allowed me to meet and be inspired by some incredible Viterbi Leaders and I can’t wait to work along side them for the rest of the year.

Fight On!


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