Happy Engineers Week!!!! Engineers week is a week to celebrate being an engineer and give back to the community by spreading the love and passion of engineering to others.

I’ve written 3 posts about Engineers Week at USC already:

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Engineers Week at USC

So I decided why not share what it’s like in the day of the life of the person that oversees all of engineers week (me). I’d like to preface, students here are amazing and incredibly busy and my busy-ness is no more important than anyone else’s and I genuinely love being “over involved” and doing so many things. BUT you don’t have to be like me at all to be happy at USC!

It’s the first day of E-Week, there are two KIUEL events today, VSA Meetings, a Midterm to study for and Min Family Challenge Work to be done.

4:15am: alarm goes off, snooze is pressed

4:24am: alarm goes off,  snooze is pressed again

4:33am: alarm goes off, snooze is pressed…again

4:42am: alarm goes off, roll (literally on to the cold ground) off the bed to wake up

5:00am: study for Linear Controls Midterm Tomorrow

6:30am: Eat a bowl of cereal and get ready to go to the VSA Manager Meeting

6:47am: leave house (late) for manager meeting

7:02am: Arrive late for manager meeting I need to lead (sorry leaders <3)

8:00am: VSA Staff Meeting

8:45am: Sit in Baum study lounge and study with Bethany, Maria, Shana, Sophie and Bria

9:30am: Meeting with Jenny (Director of Career Services and Student Affairs) for morning of E-Week Meeting

10:30am: Go to CED to print materials for Illumin Cornhole booth at the E-Week Kick Off Carnival. CED Printer isn’t connected yet, so run to Steve Bucher’s (Director of the Engineering Writing Program and illumin Advisor) office to ask him to print

10:50am: Set Up Viterbi Ball Ticket Sales Booth in RTH lobby and get weird stares from everyone that see’s our Leonardo DiCaprio cutout. Sell 45 tickets in the next hour and a half

Min Family Challenge Team with our #1 supporter Leo

12:50am: Move Viterbi Ball Ticket Sales out to the Engineering Quad

1:00pm: Kick Off Carnival has started!!! Dr. Shifflet (favorite professor ever) comes and sits down at Ticket sales table with me and we chat about life for 30minutes.

2:30pm: Finally get to walk around the Carnival and play all the games, take photobooth pics, and pet the puppies!!!

Roommates with our #1 man

3:30pm: eat first real meal of the day (Free Kogi Truck Tacos!!)

4:00pm: Kick Off Carnival was a huge success and is now over

4:30pm: Clean up Carnival

5:00pm: Go to the Bookstore for the 75% off all Rose Bowl Apparel Sale (I got a long sleeve and 2 T-Shirts for $25)

5:30pm: Start Viterbi Talent Show Set Up

6:00pm: Northrop Grummann Arrives and students start Checking into the Viterbi Ball Talent Show, tries to study between checking in people but fails miserably

6:45pm: Frantically find a way to live stream the whole talent show on my phone and have it plugged in the whole time (found the nicest stranger sitting in the front to help out!!)

7:15pm: Talent Show starts and first 100 free Ground Zero Milkshake cards have already been given out! Northrop gives us their credit card to buy more 🙂

8:45pm: Talent Show winners announced and the show is officially over and it was amazing!!!

9:00pm: Clean Up Talent Show

9:30pm: Finally Get Home, shower, eat something that isn’t full of sugar, and start to study

10:00pm: Face mask (bc the day has been v dehydrating on my skin and self-care is important AF)

10:05pm: Study for linear controls midterm and start brainstorming Min Family Presentation

12:00am: Call my best friend because it’s her birthday (Ily tamar)

3:00am: sleep.

While this is one of my most extreme days of the year, it’s still one of my favorites and the reason I’m the crazy person I am. 🙂

Not thought about today: The hw I have due at 5pm, the other HW I haven’t started due the following day, or what I’m wearing to Viterbi Ball… (what I’m wearing clearly being the most important)

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