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I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween and are just as excited as me for November! Starting November means the semester is halfway done, the weather starts to get colder (which I love), and the UCLA game is approaching, woo!

Being right in the middle of the semester, it can be pretty easy to focus just on engineering. Although I love all of the Viterbi organizations I am involved in, it is important to experience some of the unique clubs and classes that SC offers. Some of my favorite clubs outside of Viterbi are the Oriana Women’s choir, and SC Outfitters.

I sang first soprano in USC’s Oriana Women’s Choir for the last two semesters and it is a really cool group. From being in Oriana, I made a lot of friends within Thornton (USC’s school of music) as well as people studying all different majors. Here at USC you don’t have to be a vocal arts major to be involved in the ensembles, you just audition and do whatever one works best with your schedule.

This was one of my favorite pieces we sang with all the Thornton Choirs!

I hiked sandstone peak with SC Outfitters this semester!

I hiked sandstone peak with SC Outfitters this semester!

SC Outfitters is another organization that I love. It is a student run club which organizes outdoor trips all throughout the semester. These trips range from easy hikes to week-long backpacking trips. It is great to get outdoors for a couple of days and a fun chance to meet a lot of cool people!

Some interesting classes I have taken so far at SC are Sociology 210, and Physical Conditioning. The main focus of my sociology class was the ethics surrounding the medical world. In class we often debated the material, and it was fun hearing everyone’s differing opinions on the issues surrounding our topics. My physical conditioning class was a PE class that got me outside and active during the day. I know that there are a ton of classes available at SC that are fun and unique so I asked some of my fellow classmates what their favorite classes were outside of engineering. Some of their favorite classes were a film symposium (taken in the School of Cinematic Arts) where people in the class were able to see the first American screening of the film Spectre, and a freshman symposium on fitness and nutrition.

There are so many awesome things going on inside and out of Viterbi here at SC!

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