Engineering is a tough major, and occasionally feeling stressed is inevitable. When I feel stressed out and overwhelmed, my first instinct is to binge watch Netflix while wearing a facemask and drinking a Ground Zero milkshake. This is fine every now and then, but why not kill two birds with one stone (don’t actually harm any animals, just be efficient). Getting involved in organizations and clubs on campus is a must in college. Choosing extracurriculars that can be an outlet from your busy day allows you to relax as well as become involved and meet new friends. Whether it be joining Greek life or forming an intermural soccer team, do something that is fun and will allow you to forget about that calculus midterm for just a couple of hours.


Having a strong musical background, I knew that I wanted to get involved in music here at SC. I decided to join choir and a string ensemble, and going to practice with these groups every week was a time I looked forward to tremendously. It was a time where I could take my mind off everything that was happening at the moment by becoming immersed in the music.

My other favorite activity to de-stress with would be getting outdoors and exploring LA. It was awesome when I discovered a club here at SC that did that very thing. SC Outfitters is a student run organization that arranges both day and overnight trips around and near LA. I love to go on hikes, and my favorite one I did this past year would be Mount Wilson, a hike I did through SC Outfitters. It ended up being around 15 miles, so it was pretty difficult, but I met some great people and was able to release some fabulous endorphins before my chemistry midterm the following week.

Overall, the best thing to do in college is to stay healthy, stay involved, and stay sane, so using your activities to do all three at the same time will make you one happy Trojan!



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