Hi Everyone!

One of my favorite things about USC are all the awesome traditions on and off campus throughout the year. From gamedays to on campus concerts, there is always an opportunity to show off your trojan apparel and throw up a fight on for pictures.

  • Gamedays

Gamedays at USC are an all day event that, regardless of the time of the actual game, start right when you wake up and end long into the night. Everyone on campus is decked out in game day apparel from the bookstore along with the occasional face paint and trojan costumes.

  • Conquest

Conquest is an on campus carnival/concert that happens the week before the USC vs. UCLA football game. There are always cool artists who come to campus and at night we have a bonfire!

  • E-Week

Engineer’s Week is one of my favorite weeks at USC. It was actually just this last week and there were so many cool events that were put on like the Kick-off Carnival and Viterbi Ball. For the Kick-off Carnival, I had a booth for Corpus Callosum where we made succulents and mini cacti!

The Trojan Family is a very spirited bunch so it is awesome going to all the cool events throughout the year!

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