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Congrats to all the newly admitted Trojans, I remember the exact day I got my letter and being so excited for all the cool things to come! That being said, I would say the number one aspect of college that I stressed over was figuring out what dorm I was going to live in and my future roommate. There were all these message boards and forums online that I read regarding housing at SC that said stuff like “this is the party dorm” or “this dorm is far away from everything”. These statements made on these sites may have some truth to them, but honestly wherever you are assigned for freshman housing, you are going to be safe, have fun, and meet a ton of cool people.

My freshman year I lived in Marks Tower and it was awesome. Marks is a dorm style building with 8 floors with each floor being gender specific. There were community bathrooms and everyone I knew lived with one other roommate. It is on the south side of McCarthy Quad so the closest dining hall is Everybody’s Kitchen, or EVK.

With the actual rooms themselves, there were 30 girls on one floor (mine was the third floor), and 1 Resident Advisor. My RA was awesome and we still keep in touch today! My room was basically symmetrical down the middle with a window separating the sides. My roommate, Remi, and I had our beds raised to give more room from the three sets of drawers, and on my side there was a mini fridge and microwave. We also had closets adjacent to our beds, and everything was provided which was awesome because I thought I was going to have to buy a microwave and mini fridge! Speaking of my roommate, I did not really know anyone coming to USC so I chose to do the random roommate matching and my roommate was so nice. She is currently in Hong Kong with the World Bachelor of Business program through USC! Living in a dorm style building I met some really awesome people both on my floor and other floors throughout Marks. I actually met my current roommate, Monica, on my floor!

Aside from the dorms, Marks tower has its own study room and lounge equipped with a whiteboard, TV, and couches. The building is also connected to Pardee Tower and Marks Hall, so residents are able to use the lounges and study rooms in those buildings as well. One of my favorite things about Marks Tower is that it is right next to Ground Zero Coffee Shop, a little hidden coffee shop that had the best milkshakes ever!


Overall, Marks Tower was a wonderful place to live and I met some amazing people at Marks!

This year I decided to live in an apartment off campus called Tuscany Apartments that is co-owned by USC. I really love it and I renewed my lease already for next year!


Once again, congrats to all the new members of the Trojan Family. Have fun researching housing and fight on!

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