Hi Everyone!

We are about halfway through summer and so far it has been pretty exciting. For the first half I worked in my research lab, the Laboratory for Integrative Biosystems Engineering, here at USC. I work with fabricating tumor microenvironments and my partner and I made some great progress on our project! While working at my lab these past couple of months, I also worked at the Accounting Library on campus and Sprinkles Cupcakes in Downtown LA.

Throughout this time I  had some fun executive board meetings with USC’s 3D printing club, 3D4E, where we are planning some super exciting things for the semester. I also found out that my project from last semester (where me, Alex, and a few others designed prosthetics for children and entered in a competition) was chosen as one of the winners by the children who use the specific hand!


Shen Lab website: http://shenlab.usc.edu

3D4E website: http://usc3d4e.com

Enabling the Future site: http://enablingthefuture.org

This summer my sister got married (this past weekend actually) so I got to attend two of her bridal showers, one in LA and one that my other sister and I planned in Fresno, CA.

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The legend, Jasper Jarvis (my pug’s), birthday was in June as well so we had a little party for him. I also went to Disneyland, and Harry Potter World with some friends!

These last couple of weeks were pretty hectic for me. My sister got married last weekend, and I got an offer to work for St. Jude Medical in Sylmar, CA. The position is in manufacturing where the team designs and manufactures heart devices.

I officially accepted the offer and I move out of my apartment this weekend and start my position on Monday until the end of the year!

So far it has been a great summer and I’m looking forward to the second half, fight on SC!

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