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Hi everyone!

I hope everybody had an awesome break and are excited to start a new year. This winter break I went back to my hometown Fresno (Fresyes), CA. Over break I had a few movie nights with friends, went to the beach, and hung out with my best friend Jasper Jarvis (my pug). Overall, my break was super relaxing and I am excited to be starting my second semester as a sophomore here at SC!

At the beach with my family!

At the beach with my family!

Me and Jasper Jarvis

Me and Jasper Jarvis











I started classes about two weeks ago, and so far they are great. I am taking Differential Equations (Math 245), my second semester of physics (Physics 152), Biomedical Computer Simulation Methods (BME 210), Statics (AME 201), Computer-aided design for biomechanical systems (ITP 499), and yoga. So far my favorite class hands down is my ITP class. We are learning how to create 3D parts in Solidworks, a 3D design software. Eventually I want to get certified for Solidworks and this class is a great place to start. I officially declared a mechanical emphasis, so a lot of my classes this semester sway more towards the mechanical side of biomedical engineering.

Outside of classes, I am serving on the executive board for Corpus Callosum (the engineering and arts club), getting more involved with 3D4E, and continuing to do research in a lab here on campus.

Corpus Callosum


Shen Lab

I recently got a project of my own to work on with a fellow undergrad in my lab. We are the main researchers on the project so with that comes a ton of work. We are currently at the stage of growing our cells and literature searching for the best type of cell markers to purchase. Throughout the semester I am going to get to practice cool techniques for my project like laser cell microdissection (LCM) and micropatterning tumor microenvironments. It is really cool to see some of the things I have learned over the past year and a half come into play in real life situations like the work I am doing in my lab.

Aside from extracurriculars and classes, this semester has gotten off to a great start. Two weeks ago I was at a taco shop in West Hollywood where I met the actor that plays Ezra in Pretty Little Liars, so I’m pretty sure that’s a good omen, and last weekend I took a little road trip down to Salvation Mountain and Joshua Tree National Park with some friends.


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This semester is going to be a blast and I can’t wait for all the awesome things ahead here at SC!




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