Hi everyone! So today I wanted to talk about my favorite spots in downtown that are easily accessible by the metro or a quick uber from SC.

    • The Grand Central Library: The Central Library Downtown is one of my all time favorite places to study. There are multiple levels and I always find a cool new room every time I go. My favorite places within the library are the children’s books room and the cafe. My sister is actually getting married here next year too!

  • The Biltmore Hotel: The Biltmore Hotel is just walking distance from the Central Library, and it is amazing inside. It is a super old hotel that opened in 1923, and is a LA historic landmark. There are a few options to grab some food within the hotel which gives the perfect excuse to hang out for a few hours and admire the amazing decor inside. I actually went here for dinner yesterday after attending a concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall(which leads me to my next favorite spot).

the inside of the hotel!

  • Walt Disney Concert Hall: Walt Disney Concert Hall is probably my all time favorite thing about downtown. This past Sunday I saw Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring and it was amazing. I went to a few concerts last semester and they often give student discounts.
Me and my friend Dominique at a concert last semester

Me and my friend Dominique at a concert last semester!

The Rite of Spring

The Rite of Spring










  • The Last Bookstore: The Last Bookstore is a really cool two story bookstore that has any book you could possibly want. This is an awesome place to just stop by and look around, or spend the entire day in going through all the different sections. The second floor also has a one dollar area!

the last bookstore!


There are so many cool places to grab a bite to eat, catch a movie, get some work done, or do really anything downtown. Going to school ten minutes from all these awesome spots definitely has its perks!

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