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Spring semester is in full swing as we are approaching the fifth week of classes, so today I wanted to talk about my favorite spots on campus. We have such a beautiful campus so if was hard to narrow down my favorite spots, but I got it down to my favorite places to grab food, study, and get some exercise.

My favorite food on campus

  • Nekter

Nekter is a little smoothie/juice shop right outside the School of Architecture and it is amazing. If you are getting tired of the old “college meals” of Lucky Charms and Cliff Bars, Nekter is the perfect place to grab a healthy juice or my personal favorite, the Trojan Bowl (an acai bowl).


Me and my friend Mayumi grabbing some food at RTH Cafe

Me and my friend Mayumi grabbing some food at RTH Cafe

  • Ronald Tutor Hall Café

RTH café is a favorite among most engineers I know. The Bahn Mi sandwiches are one of my favorite things to eat on campus, and their coffee is an awesome pick-me-up before class.

  • Trojan Grounds

Trojan Grounds, the 24 hour Starbucks on campus, will forever be one of my most frequent stops. Being right outside Leavey Library, Trogro is deadly for my wallet but super convenient and overall amazing.

Trojan Grounds

Trojan Grounds

Study Spots

  • My favorite study spot, Dauterive Hall!

    My favorite study spot, Dauterive Hall!

    Dauterive Hall

Dr. Verna and Peter Dauterive Hall is by far my favorite study spot on campus. I am actually writing this while sitting in its courtyard. The building is so pretty, and the tables inside overlook an amazing glass art piece coming down from the ceiling. There is also a café, Cammilleri Café, inside that has amazing coffee.

  • The Philosophy Library
    Hogwarts (The Philosophy Library)

    Hogwarts (The Philosophy Library)

The Philosophy Library is a favorite among a lot of students, including myself. The single tables in between the book stacks are amazing when needing to concentrate on work, and my favorite thing is the cozy/Hogwartsy feel that the library gives off.




Exercise Spots

  • Cromwell Field

I often like to go running at night, and my favorite place to go is Cromwell Field. It is open until pretty late at night so it is perfect for that late night workout. People are also usually practicing various sports like rugby or soccer so I get to people watch along with workout so it’s an A+ spot.

  • Outside the Fisher Museum of Art

This may seem like a nonconventional work out area, but it is super quiet and shady outside the Fisher Museum of Art. There is a huge grass area with various sculptures where people often do yoga or homework, so it is a great spot to get a workout in.

Cromwell Field

Cromwell Field

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out some of these spots around campus!

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