Winter Break is almost here! Seeing as how I only have five more days until I am done with finals and free for break, I wanted to share my top ten moments of the semester.

  1. Starting Sophomore Year

Starting a new semester is always one of my favorite times of the year. Beginning new classes, meeting new people, and coming back to our beautiful campus made the start of my sophomore year amazing!

  1. Moving into my first apartment

Moving off campus and into my first apartment with my roommate Monica was one of my favorite memories this semester. We went from Marks Tower our freshman year to our way more spacious apartment where we got to decorate and meet a ton of cool new people.

@monica6s and I almost broke the window trying to put these lights up #fighton

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  1. Turning 20

I had to include turning 20 years old in my top memories! I had an awesome time and received (basically) a lifetime supply of sprinkles cupcakes.

  1. Hiking LA

This semester I channeled my inner Pocahontas and got outdoors a lot more. There are so many amazing places around LA to go for a quick hike or just hang out.


The Viterbi Expo!

The Viterbi Expo!

5. Viterbi Expo

The Viterbi Expo this year was a blast and I had a lot of fun guiding people around different lab tours and showing off our awesome school!


6. Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this year was a nice break before finals. I got to eat some amazing food, and hang out with the legend Jasper Jarvis (my pug).

Jasper Jarvis

Jasper Jarvis

      1. Redondo Beach

This kind of goes with my getting outdoors point, but I discovered one of my new favorite places down in southern California this semester, Redondo Beach! I had never been here and I went earlier this semester with friends where we hung out on the beach and the pier.

8.  Starting new projects in my lab

It was awesome seeing the lab I work in grow so much over the last semester. My freshman year, there was really nothing in the lab and now we are a full blown biosystems engineering lab with a lot more members and some cool new projects starting up.

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      1. Corpus Callosum Final Showcase

My project team and I finally finished out bike project for corpus callosum and were able to showcase it in our final show!


      1. Beating UCLA

Going to the USC vs. UCLA game for the Pac-12 South championship was incredible. We finally won and the game was super exciting!


Overall, the semester has been great and I can’t wait to make new memories in the years to come here at SC!


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