I can’t believe that there are only two weeks left of school! For me, these past two years have gone by faster than any other time in my life, of course, because they have been so fun, but also because I am busy enough that the days tend to be pretty full.  I had my last midterm last week and have a little more than two weeks before my first final, so I have taken a couple of days to relax before I have to start studying again.

Dodger’s Batting Practice

This past weekend, I stayed in LA and tried to enjoy the perfect southern California weather we have been having lately. I went “surfing” with Miles and his sister (meaning they surfed, and I watched), went to the Dodger’s batting practice and saw them take on the Milwaukee Brewers, spent time working on some new Viterbi Voices content, and watched Tiger Woods win the Masters! It was a great weekend to prepare for the busy weeks ahead.

Miles, Evie, and I at the beach!!

This coming week is launch week!! Starting Wednesday, USC’s Rocket Propulsion Lab will travel to New Mexico in order to launch our spaceshot rocket, Traveler 4. We have been preparing for this launch for some time now, so it’s really exciting to finally be a few days out from launch. I am driving to New Mexico on Thursday, so in the next couple of days, my team will go through final launch preparations and pack for the trip. We aim to launch our rocket on Saturday and return to campus by Monday. If successful, this launch would make us the first student group to launch a rocket past the Karmen line, which is the legal definition of space.

When I return to USC after the launch, I have a little more than a week to study for my finals, and then my sophomore year is done! Sometimes, I feel as though these four years I am at SC are slipping by a little too quickly, so I am glad I took the past weekend to enjoy my time here. I am looking forward to savoring my final two years.

Audrey Roberts

Audrey Roberts

MAJOR: Mechanical Engineering YEAR: Class of 2021 HOMETOWN: Denver, Colorado PRONOUNS: she/her/hers INSTA: @audrey.roberts On campus, I lead outreach for the USC Rocket Propulsion Laboratory, do materials research in the M.C. Gill Composites Center, and am the Academic Chair of my sorority.