I’M DOOOOOOOOONE!!!!!!!!!!! The moment I’ve been waiting for this whole semester.  I cannot wait to go home, sleep for 10 hours, and literally sit and do nothing…except maybe go shopping.

Well, I made it through another full load of classes.  I finally completed all my math and science prerequisites and can start filling my schedule with my ISE classes.  I learned how to do 3D modeling and animation and made 3 short movies in my ITP elective.  I also really enjoyed my GE Magical Realism in Latin America which allowed me the opportunity to do a little bit of creative writing.

Outside of school I did so much too.  I planned a corporate event with Accenture by myself.   I went on a retreat in San Diego.  I’ve applied to at least 10 summer internships after networking with recruiters.  I attended every football game.  But my favorite part is that through all the physics study groups, VSA meetings, and SWE events this semester I’ve met some wonderful people who have become some of my best friends here.

Although I’ve had a very fun semester with my friends in sunny California, I’m very much looking forward to some family time and playing in the snow back home.  I have extended family here in California and we usually spend our Christmas in LA, so I’ll be here for about another week.  I plan on taking my parents back to Umami burger, where the VSA’s had a family dinner, and Sprinkles cupcakes.  I also have to finish up some last minute Christmas shopping.  Although I do like the warm weather, I also can’t wait to get back home to Colorado to see my old friends and maybe do some skiing.

This is going to be my last blog until next semester.   I hope you all have a very relaxing break and enjoy the winter holiday! See you in the new year!!