So I wanted to mention something about two of my favorite Viterbi student resources, the Viterbi Academic Resource Center (VARC) and the Viterbi Career Services (VCS).

One of my biggest concerns about coming to USC and studying one of the hardest majors you could possibly chose from was if I was actually going to be able to do it.  School has always been very important to me and I wanted to make sure I could keep up my grades and stay ontop of my classes.  That is why I love VARC.  VARC provides FREE tutoring to Viterbi students for all engineering classes that you need to take for your major.  I have gone several times for math, science, and my ISE classes, and have found all the tutors there very helpful. I am always reccommending it to my friends and telling them to make an appointment if they ever need help. 

The other resource I love at Viterbi is the Viterbi Career Services.  USC as a whole has its own Career Services, but it obviously has to cater towards all majors at USC including business, engineering, theatre etc. whereas, VCS is only focused on engineering. VCS offers many things to its students including workshops to get help on your resume and interview tips, and career counseling. VCS also has its own Career Expo that brings companies to USC who are interested in hiring engineering students for internships and jobs.To give you an example of how awesome VCS is, USC’s Career Services also has career fair that brings in companies for all types of majors, but Viterbi’s career fair actually had more companies than USC’s AND all of our companies were strictly for engineers.

 Below are the websites for VARC and VCS for you to check out if you want more info.

VARC Website:

Viterbi Career Services:

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    Also check out the latest webisode on Viterbi Support Services, including VARC and VCS, under the videos tab!