I was just thinking about my spring semester and between my classes, my internship, and my new residential advising (RA) position, I realized I am going to super busy. 

This semester I’m taking Immigrants in America (a not so exciting GA), statistics (math is math, but the professer seems really good), engineering economy (the first chapters were confusing, but since then it’s been pretty easy), engineering iPodia (very interesting.  I get to meet/work with students from Taiwan and China, and get to travel to Taiwan at the end of the semester to present our semester long project), and introduction to healthcare systems (I chose this class because I want to work in the healthcare industry, and so far it’s been my favorite class). 

I’m also looking forward to several fun trips and visits this semester.  My friends and I are planning a trip down to San Diego with fellow VSA Natalie.  Two of my old friends from Atlanta, who have never been to California before, are coming to visit on their spring break.  I plan on taking them to all the touristy places in LA and Hollywood; maybe even Disneyland. Also my boyfriend is going to come down for spring break, and we plan on going to as many beaches along the south coast as possible. 

My extracurriculars are going to take a lot of time too.  Today the VSA’s had our spring retreat (check out all the tweets and pictures with #VSAmazingRace).  We are going to be busy working at several upcoming USC events for students who have been accepted to USC and are trying to figure out which college to go to.  At my internship, I’ve finished all my work instructions for the entire laundry process, and am now going to start on making the manuals more specific towards the company.  These past couple of weeks I’ve also gotten the chance to really get to know the other RA’s.  We had our DEVO this past weekend and almost got stuck in Chinatown during the Chinese New Year celebration parade.  I’m already working on my next event with another RA to take our residents to Koreatown for Korean BBQ, so I’m hoping that we get enough interested students to attend.

I’ve really been enjoying the weather here in LA recently.  It’s been hot and sunny enough to lay out in the courtyard and soak up the sun.  I hope my spring semester stays just as sunny as the weather!