So it has finally come and gone.  We (the corporate affairs committee for SWE) have been working on this event all year.  Evening with Industry (EWI) is a formal dinner networking event for SWE members to talk to recruiters.  Each member gets to sit with two companies, one for dinner and one for dessert. 

In preparation we had to go downtown to the flower district to buy flowers for the center pieces, which we then put together throughout the day. The flowers smelt really good and I got to take some home afterwards.  We also had to put together packets for each member that included a raffle ticket, brochure and survey. Also, each recruiter got a SWE Resume CD with all of the members’ resumes on it.

At the event I sat with ZS Associates for dinner and Intel for dessert.  I had never heard of ZS Associates before EWI.  They are a consulting company that specializes in sales and marketing.  I was really interested in them because I found out that they do a lot of work in the health care industry which is an industry I’m currently looking into working in. The two recruiters were really nice and very enthusiastic about the work they do.  For dessert I sat with Intel.  Both representatives at this table were current employees.  One had actually graduated from USC a couple a years ago.  He was very helpful about tips and advice for networking and school since he still related to college students.

Overall I think we had a really good turnout from students and recruiters and hopfully the conversations at dinner and dessert will lead to a possible summer internship!