So I’m in my 3rd week of being an RA and its been pretty good so far.  I really like the staff I work with and cant wait until I can get to know the other students better.  There is usually one RA per floor or hall, depending on the building and I have about 50 residents on my hall. Besides weekly meetings with the other RA’s, I also go around and visit all my residents once a week.  I like to bring some baked goods, like cookies or brownies, and just stop by to chat and see how everyone is doing.
The best thing about being an RA is the programming.  This past weekend I planned an event for my residents to go see Girl with a Dragon Tattoo at LA Live.  The event was free to all the students and we took the free USC Shuttle to LA Live. I had quite a good turn out, and all the residents thanked me and told me they had a lot of fun.  Another sweet perk is that RA’s get free housing and meal plan or food stipend (depending on where you live.)
Probably the worst part about being an RA is having to write people up. About one night a week I have RA Duty where I have to walk around the entire building and if anyone is breaking any housing rules, I have to write them up.  To be honest it’s kind of a hassel to write people up, so we really don’t like it when we have to do it.
Right now the other RA’s and I are working together to plan Troy’s biggest spring event, the Troy Diversity Dance and Art Show. TDDAS is an annual event to celebrate cultural expression through various forms of art and dance.  It’s going to take a lot of work but I’m excited to get started.