For the three day weekend my mother came to visit from Colorado.  It was really nice to see and spend time with her since I hadn’t seen her since Christmas break.  Although I was sad to see her go, we had a nice and relaxing weekend. Here is what I did…

So, I have a wisdom tooth coming in and all day Thursday it had been really hurting me.  I could feel it growing in and it felt like I was chewing on my cheek.  So on Friday, I went to my Aunt and Uncle’s dentist to have my tooth looked at.  They said that my wisdom was indeed coming in and that it was easy for them to pull it out if I wanted.  So on Friday I got my tooth pulled.  It didn’t hurt at all, except the shots used to numb up my mouth.  Luckily I wasn’t in a lot of pain afterwards either; just a little sore.

That afternoon we went to my other Aunt and Uncles house for my cousin Brian’s going away party.  My cousin is an architect living in Atlanta who just recently got a job in Shanghai, China.  He’s going to be there for two years!  We’re all very proud of him for finally getting a job, but we’re going to miss him very much.

So I have a confession.  My mom and I are big Twilight fans.  So on Saturday we had a Twilight movie marathon with my cousins and aunts who hadn’t seen the movies yet.  It was really funny to see my 58 year old aunt gush over Taylor Launter’s abs.  I guess she’s a Jacob fan.  I also made my Pumpkin Crumb Cake that I made over Thanksgiving (I’m pretty sure I tweeted or blogged about it before).  The crumb cake was even better the second time and gone twice as fast.  Even if you don’t like pumpkin you will LOVE this cake so here’s the link in case you want to try it

One of my mom’s biggest hobbies is interior decorating.  Every time she comes back to California she is helping my aunts or cousins decorate their house.  Since I moved apartments because of the RA position, my mom wanted to help me decorate my room.  So on Sunday we went shopping for pictures to hang on my wall, extra pillows for bed, and some kitchen supplies.  Then we drove down to campus and my mom helped me redecorate my room.  Below are some pictures of my newly decorated room.


Monday was pretty much a lazy day.  We literally stayed home and watched Ellen from my aunt’s DVR. After taking my mom to the airport I got dropped back off at school and now I have to get back into the groove of things and start all the homework I didn’t do over the weekend.  I have two weeks before my friends from Georgia come to visit, and 3 weeks before midterms and spring break.  Time to get to work!