This week’s blog is supposed to be about our coolest class. But I would have to say that my coolest class so far is my Engineering iPodia class.  This class is taken with students from Peking University in China and the National Taiwan University.  I’ve already written about it and you can read my previous blog right here:  Then I got to thinking about what my second coolest class is and realized I’ve already written about it too.  My ITP 215 3D Modeling and Animations class.  In this class we learned how to create 3D objects and then put them together into a short movie.  You can read about this blog here:


So, instead I’ll talk about another one of my classes that I have enjoyed.  This class is called EDCO-030 The Process of Paraprofessional Counseling for Young Adults.  This class is a requirement if you want to apply to be a Residential Advisor.  During this class you learn many techniques on counseling and how to handle different situations that you may come across with your residents while being an RA.  Not only are these skills necessary for an RA position, but they’re also useful for interactions amongst friends and peers.  The best thing about this class is the end of semester retreat.  All of the EDCO classes go on a weekend retreat at this camp up in mountains.  It’s a great way to get to know your classmates on a more intimate level.  The retreat focuses on diversity and includes lots of activities that help you realize how even though the students at USC come from so many different places with different cultures and backgrounds, we all have things in common.