So this week I started my fall internship.  I definitely wasn’t planning on doing an internship during the semester and in fact was actually trying to find a research project to join part time here at USC.  I applied using ConnectSC, USC’s own job hunting site, on a whim not thinking that anyone would actually contact me back.  But they did!  So I am officially Yee Yuen Linen’s newest Engineer.  The company that I’m interning at is a smaller laundry company that cleans table clothes, napkins, sheets, towels etc. for hotels and restaurants.  It’s this giant warehouse with huge washing machines and dryers and about 60 employees.  Although the company has been in business for about 40 years, the last two managers who worked there did not really know what they were doing and consequently left the company in a relatively bad situation as far as organization.  So they hired a new manager to come in and help improve the situation.  This manager then hired me as a Process Engineer to basically assist him as much as I can.  What is great for me is that the company has absolutely nothing as far was work procedures, manuals, or standards, so the cool part is I get to start from scratch helping the manager create these manuals and standards, and implement lean manufacturing techniques in order to improve efficiency and decrease waste.  I am very excited because the work I would be doing is very much Industrial and Systems Engineering related so I know that this will be a great opportunity for me to gain the experience I really need to get other internships or jobs in the future.


  • Amanda says:

    Congrats. So hotels don’t actually wash their own hotel linens? I had no idea. So does your company offer a pickup and delivery service of the cleaned linens, or do the hotels have to arrange that themselves?

    • ashlyn says:

      Thanks. I think some hotels do, but in some cases they have it sent elsewhere. At Yee Yuen Linen they both pick up and deliver the cleaned linens based on how much the customer “orders.”

  • Jason Kaplan says:

    How did your internship work out? Is Yee Yuen still in business??