So I thought I’d let you know more about what I’ve been up to at my internship.  Like I’ve said before basically what I’ve been doing is making work instructions or an instruction manual for how to use all of the machines.  What I try to keep in mind while I make the instructions is to make them so that anyone could come in, read these instructions, and know how to do each step and work each machine.

So here’s a very brief summary of the cleaning process.

The first thing that needs to be done in the cleaning process is that each bag of linen from the customer needs to be counted and sorted.  Here’s a picture of the sorting machine. 

Sorting Machine

As it comes out of the sorting machine, the linen is then grouped into corresonding bins and then it goes into the washing machines. 

Sorted Linen

There are two kinds of washing machines used at Yee Yuen Linen.  The first is a tunnel washer (green) for bigger linens like sheets and table clothes.  The other washing machines (blue) are for smaller linens like napkins.


Tunnel WasherAfter the linen is washed, it gets pressed by steam rollers. There are also two kinds of steam rollers. One for larger linens like the sheets, and one for the smaller linens like the napkins.Sheet Roller


Once the linen is pressed it gets wrapped up and placed in the warehouse where it waits to get sorted based on the customers order and sent out and delivered.


Sorted Linen

So that’s the cleaning process!