I can’t believe Winter Break is over and I’ve already gone through my first week of school.  My birthday was the week after finals, and my lovely mother surprised me by flying my boyfriend out for my birthday.

My break was mostly filled with shopping, watching TV and hanging out with friends.  My family, cousins, and I also went to Universal Studios for Grinchmas.  If you want to go to a fun amusement park and don’t want to pay $100 for tickets I’d suggest Universal Studios.  One of the best attractions is the studio tour that takes you to their back lot and you get to see old sets and props from their movies.


Now I’m back at USC and I’m looking forward to this semester as I’m taking a couple cool classes.  This semester I have Economy, Statistics, my GE Immigration in America, and my two favorite classes Introduction to Healthcare Systems and iPodia.  I want to work in the healthcare industry which is why I chose to take the intro class, and I’ve already talked to my professor who’s going to see if he can get me into contact with some healthcare consulting friends!  The iPodia class is relatively new to USC. The class has 60 students in it; 20 from USC,Peking University in China, and the National Taiwan University.  The other two schools stream their lectures of our USC professor and can participate by video chat similar to skype.  The entire semester is basically getting to know our international classmates and working on a semester long project. At the end of the semester, all the students will go to Taiwan for two weeks to present our final project.  Since I’m not studying abroad, this will be my chance to get some abroad experience.