This semester’s iPodia class focuses on Principles and Practices of Global Innovation.  Although the professor lectures about different practices of global innovation, the class is really set up so that each student teaches and learns from each other. There are dicussion boards that we are encouraged to participate in and comment on other student’s posts.  Our first assignment was to choose and present 5 artifacts that we believed the students from PKU in China and NTU in Taiwan would not be able to tell the functional purposes of due to differences in cultures. It was an interesting assignment and the class came up with several ideas such as a cornucopia, lacrosse stick, and those inflatable things you slap together at games.

Below are pictures of the classroom set up.  As you can see on either side of the middle screen with the lecture notes are projections of the other NTU and PKU classrooms.  The classroom allows us to communicate back and forth with the students in such a way that we can see, hear and talk to each other across classrooms.



This week’s assignment was to Skype with another student from PKU and NTU.  This morning I talked to Rebbecca from NTU.  She’s a freshman studying forestry and the resources one can get out of trees.  Right now the NTU students are visiting the Pecking students in China and yesterday they went to the Great Wall.  Rebbecca was also telling me how excited all the PKU students were to meet them and that they were very welcoming and friendly.

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