So I had a Meet USC event earlier this week.  If you’ve visited campus you might already know what this is, but basically it’s a full day tour and informational session about USC with a breakoff session for whichever USC school you’re interested in.  Anyways, there was one kid who had asked me what my class schedule was like and I didn’t get the chance to finish answering his question so I’m going to do it now. 

So I’m sure most of you know, college classes aren’t like highschool classes.  You don’t have the same classes every single day and you’re not in school for 8 hours a day.  Most classes pretty much run either Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday.  Most classes are about 3 hours a week total which breaks down to either 1 hour MWF or 1.5 hours TTh.  If you’re lucky, some classes are only on Monday and Wednesdays which means you can get away with having no class on Fridays!

All engineers have to take up to Calc 3 and  some science classes (the science classes differ depending on the major).  The three math classes are always MWF, so  you can’t expect to get Friday’s off your freshman year. Unless you’re super smart and pass out of it, in which case, good for you!  All science classes also require a 3 hour lab once a week, although you can finish the lab early.  GE’s are mostly twice a week, but also have a 1 hour discussion section once a week as well.  So that’s kind of the typical break down of how classes work, at least for your freshman year. Check out the feature image for a picture of how my class schedule looks like next semester.