So this is my second blog about the same company.  Can you tell that I really like Accenture?

So this past Monday I finally got to have my CED Accenture Event.  I call it mine because I would really like to intern at Accenture this summer which is why I volunteered to take the lead and have been working with the Accenture and other CED representatives to help plan this event.  It was very interesting to learn how to plan a corporate event compared to the planning experience I have for social events.  It was also good practice at learning how to communicate professionally back and forth with the Accenture representative.  Because this was a CED event and not just a SWE event, I also got to know some of the other student members of the other CED orgs who I wouldn’t have gotten to meet otherwise.  What was really cool about this event was the consulting activity that we did.  The recruiters had us break into groups and then they pretended to be the client while the students worked together to come up with a solution, similar to what one would experience as being a consultant.  I thought this was a great activity to do because I know that a lot of students are still confused about what consulting actually is.


By the end of the night I think I had fallen in love so here are my reasons why I love Accenture:

1) I want to work in the healthcare industry and Accenture has a lot of Industrial and Systems Engineering related projects in the healthcare industry.  Perfect!

2) It’s possible that some of your projects will be out of state and therefore require travel.  Accenture has this cool deal where instead of flying home every weekend you can fly somewhere else at a comparable cost.  This means I can go visit my friends and family on the weekends and I don’t have to pay for the extra ticket.

3) Accenture has a lot of “clubs” involving community service, going abroad, women in engineering, etc. just like USC has clubs, that you can get involved in and hold leadership roles in in addition to your work.  So not only are you gaining work experience but you can continue to have “extra curricular activities.”

4) Their downtown office is super cool.  It is very open and has bright green and orange walls. And it is less than 5 minutes from the beach.

5) They have this special program called Accenture Students Empowerment Program that is specialized towards sophomores.  It’s a special internship program that you apply for where you will get two summers of internships plus a mentor for the next 2 years.  Even if you don’t get the internships, those who apply will still get the mentor which means that it could help increase my chances at getting an internship or job.