So this weekend was Trojan Family Weekend at USC.  During Trojan Family Weekend, each school usually has their own event set up for the parents of the students. On Friday morning I was up bright and early to help out at the Viterbi Family Breakfast with Dean Yates.  The breakfast allows parents to talk to faculty from each department of engineering.  Then Dean Yates of Viterbi gives a speech, and afterwards parents get to go on some lab tours and participate in a few other workshops.  On game day USC sets up a HUGE tailgate party in Alumni Park for students and parents before the game.  Another USC tradition is to then follow the Trojan Marching Band as they make their way down Trousdale to the Coliseum.

Finally it was game day!  I’m sure all of you saw it, but that was one heck of a game.  My voice was so hoarse from all the screaming I did. One thing I love about the Trojan family is how strangers can be so united at USC events.  The stadium was packed full last night and everyone stayed till the very end.  Everytime the team scored a touchdown I was high fiving with people I didn’t even know sitting around me.  Even thought it was a close game, we sure know how to Fight On! 

One reason why I was so excited about this game was because one of my old friends from school, David, is on the Stanford football team, and I was really looking forward to seeing him play.  My other friend from school, Elizabeth, and I also made plans to meet up with David and his mom after the game.  It was crazy trying to find all the football players where they come out after the game.  They definitely try to keep those boys hidden.  But I was very excited to see an old friend again who I hadn’t seen in a long time. He was so much bigger than the last time I’d seen him, but I was glad to know he was still the same David I had gone to school with since middle school.