With the Oscars coming up on Sunday, I am really excited to share my experience of touring the Kodak Theatre with you all. I got the opportunity to visit the theatre this weekend, and I really enjoyed it. Ironically, although it is called the “kodak” theatre, no pictures are allowed!

Some fun facts about the theatre that I learned:
— The grand staircase was built with women in mind. Supposedly it is suppose to be easier to walk down the stairs in high heels opposed to other staircases. I can neither confirm nor deny this “fact.”

–There is a “vip” room made of special glass. If you get too close to the glass, the glass fogs and you can no longer see inside. (I can confirm this!)
***Fun side fact –> On oscar night, the VIP room in open, because everyone is a “vip”

— There is more security on Oscar night surrounding the Kodak Theatre than the both the Pentagon and the White House. (can you say excessive?!)

The tour was really cool, but I think I’d rather be there on Oscar night…hmm I’ll put that on my list of things to do!

Watching: Dexter…what will I do when I’m done?!?!

Listening to: Hey Joe (Jimi Hendrix…learning to play it on the guitar!!!)

Reading: The Next thing on my list (ADPi book club)

☮♥ =) arianna