Well, it’s back to school. After a nice long trip home, filled with cold weather, snow, warm clothes, food, and plenty of sleeping, it’s back to the books for my final semester.

Unfortunately, I’m enrolled in 7 classes.¬†Fortunately, one of those classes is soccer! I’ve played soccer since the age of four, but haven’t played competitively since high school.

My other classes are all to finish out my major. I’m taking heat transfer, my second semester of a class called mechoptronics, a senior design class, and linear control lab. I’m taking rocket lab, as a technical elective, which should be fun. I had one tech elec (as we call them) left, so I decided to take a class called construction management. So far, it has been very interesting. We’ve had a few guest speakers. I really enjoy the professor and I think it’s going to be an interesting class.

Overall, I think it’s going to be a challenging semester, but I have some things to look forward to: Tinkerbell Half Marathon at the end of January, Camping in February, Spring Break in March!, coachella in April, and Graduation in Spring!!

I’ll keep you updated…