Well, I had a very eventful evening last night. Every year, some boys that I lived with in New/North my freshman year put on a scavenger hunt, and this year was even better than the last.

You get a team of four people together, and run/bike/drive/skateboard/crawl/etc. around USC completing a list of tasks three pages long. The list this year included things such as:

1. Take a four three person jump picture

(after 3 attempts, this is what we got)

(after 3 attempts, this is what we got)

2. propose to a stranger <– I did this one…with a ring!

There you have it. I am proposing to someone.

There you have it. I am proposing to someone.

3. Hide behind George Tirebiter and bark at people (extremely funny)

4. Complete 25 somersaults as a team (harder than you may think)

5. Have a pillow fight in public

6. Eat six saltines in 60 seconds (made my neighbor do it…he drank lots of water though!)

7. Call a pizzeria and talk to them about slippers and juice <– I also did this one and it was extremely fun(ny)

8. Serenade the security guard at the desk of Leavy with a love song

Those are just some of the tasks! You have three hours to complete everything, and then you all get back together and add up the points. All the points haven’t been calculated yet, but I’ll keep everyone updated. Hopefully we won! Nonetheless, it was an extremely fun night, and I got to see all of USC multiple times. So much fun!!! (and a great tradition)

Can I just also say, that I took Evan’s cycling class last night, and I have never sweat so much. Also, I loved the music she picked out! touché. Thats’s all for now folks!

Listening to: Silence (for once)

Watching: The Sixth Sense

Reading: hmmm….Perez Hilton

=)  arianna

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