Today, Evan Snyder and I (plus a few other members of the marathon team) ran a long run of about 17.5 miles. We started our run in Pasadena, at the Rose Bowl. Our route left the Rose Bowl up a steep hill (well steep for southern California at least!) It made a huge loop around the Rose Bowl through La Canada and Pasadena. Part of it was actually part of the route for the Pasadena marathon which Evan and I ran last year. The route we ran is below and can be found at:
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I had a love hate relationship with running today. I love running, but today for most of the first 10 miles I hated myself for choosing to run another marathon. I was questioning why I did it to myself? I put so much time and energy into thinking about what I eat during the week, if I am drinking enough water and then the day before a long run, all of my energy goes into planning for the run. What will I eat before I go, what flavor GU energy gel will I eat on the route, how much water should I carry, what should i wear, is my ipod charged, should I skip the run and go with my roommates to Santa Barbara? I think I probably worry too much about things like this, but at the end of the 17 or so miles I am always extremely happy, like I was today. The route was hard for me for the first three miles. I have become very use to running with people and today I ran all by myself. It took me nearly five miles to warm-up and I didn’t feel really good until about mile 12. The course was really pretty as it curved through woodsy and hilly areas that are hard to find around USC! After that all was good. When we got back to the Rose Bowl, we ran a lap (about 3 miles) around the stadium and golf course, where there were many people running, and I also caught up with one of the girls from the team, so we finished together. It is always nice to be able to finish a run with someone who knows what you have gone through. Picture 2

With a little less than two months to go to the Los Angeles marathon, training is getting pretty rough especially with classes. I’m pretty lucky this summer with classes and having time to run. During the week, the team runs three times and has cross-training practice on Fridays, so my main days of running are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Tuesday/Thursday, we usually run about five but in the coming weeks we will push it to six. Wednesday will soon peak at 10 miles. Our longest Sunday run is 22 miles at the end of February. Each week I find myself pushing my body and mind a little bit further. I think last year was easier for me because every long distance that we ran was the farthest run I had ever done. This year I know my body better and I know what each distance feels like. I am definitely happy to be done with my long run for this week, and this weeks run was definitely not easy, but it was rewarding. I had the opportunity to go off on a little adventure with my friends, but in the end, I feel so happy with myself that I stayed at school and did my run. I know I would have been very angry at myself if I had not. As I get closer and closer to marathon day I get more and more nervous, but also extremely excited! Right now, I just feel extremely tired from my run, but I have to finish a SolidWorks project my midnight tonight. Off to the lab I go!!! Wish me luck.

Watching: Dexter…moving slowly through the seasons which makes me sad!

Listening to: Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) it’s on Pandora…I know all the lyrics…one of my favorite Disney movies…whose your favorite Disney princess??? hmmm I think I pick Ariel!!!

Reading: Shutter Island

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