This past Friday I went to Disneyland for Mickey’s Halloween Party. The party is an evening event that runs throughout the month of October. At 7p.m. all the regular guests leave the park and Disneyland is transformed into a Halloween wonderland! There are special foods, characters, and everyone gets to dress up. It is actually the only time during the year that guests over the age of 9 can wear a costume into the park.

I went with two friends and we definitely took advantage of the dressing up! I’d say that only about half of the disneyland guests got dressed up. We entered promptly at seven, and we were handed bags to go trick-or-treating with. Let me repeat: We got to go trick-or-treating in Disneyland. There were eight different locations around the park handing out candy. At each station, there were 5 to 7 different candy stops, meaning there were nearly 50 candy stops in all. They were super generous with handing out candy too!

We started out the adventure on Buzz Lightyear, a ride I’ve never ridden. With my two friends being seasoned Disneylanders, they easily scored higher than me on this ride. Next we went to thunder mountain and squeezed all three of us into the back seat. It was a snug fit but made for the best ride ever. Next we did the teacups for my first time! I’ve been on the teacups at Disney World before, but not since I was about eighteen months old, literally. The teacups were SO MUCH FUN! It was almost time for the fireworks, but we made time to go to the matterhorn before they started.

The fireworks were amazing. They had a special show for the halloween nights, and I guess you could say it had a villain theme. A lot of the Disney villains made appearance, and there was a special appearance by the flying dog zero from a Nightmare before Christmas. This was my favorite movie growing up (I have no idea why) so I was super excited, to sing along to all the songs.

After the fireworks we headed straight for the Haunted Mansion, which is themed Nightmare Before Christmas as well. Obviously this was the highlight of my trip. I’m already obsessed with the Haunted Mansion ride, so having themed as one of my favorite movies only made the experience that much better! After the Haunted Mansion we were starting to get tired. We did Pirates, a classic, and then got some clam chowder for a little break. We had to do Space Mountain as ghost galaxy before we left, so we headed that way. One of my friends was dressed as Peter Pan, so we made a quick detour to Peter Pan on our way there. The Peter Pan ride was a lot of fun, and it was again my first time on the ride, since many years ago at Disney World. We got in line for Ghost Galaxy around 11:30 knowing it would be our last ride. Space Mountain was a lot of fun, but we were all exhausted afterwards.

As usual Disneyland was a magical magical place and I had so much fun!!! I had a sugar headache when I woke up on Saturday from eating so much candy, but it was totally worth it!

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  • Sounds like a great time. I got to check out Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party a couple of years ago in Orlando, and Disney really does the holidays right. I’ve always wondered how the Not So Scary Halloween Party was, and sounds just as awesome as the Christmas one. Do they allow guests to wear scary costumes? I know it’s mainly for kids but being they allow adults to dress up too I would imagine there had to be a few scary costumes too? Great post, thanks for the info.