After a long week of school, homework, and mechop reports, my roommate and I slept in this morning. When we awoke, we were both really hungry, so we decided to try something new. My roommate Jen is hamburger connoisseur, so we went to place she’d wanted to try for a while, Umami Burger. I still have no idea what the name means but it was a quaint but trendy little venue on La Brea close to The Grove.

The food was good. I had the Earth burger. The patty was made of mushrooms and soy beans and the toppings included ricotta cheese, white soy & truffle aioli, onions, lettuce, and tomato. We split a side of sweet potato fires.

Jen said the Umami burger was “better than an burger her mommy made.” Anyways, we enjoyed ourselves and I would definitely recommend the food to anyone at ‘SC or in the Los Angeles area!

Now I’m off to do some homework!