Today I had my first in-n-out ever!!! Most people are super surprised because I have been in California for a year and never ever had in-in-out ever. I got a “grilled cheese” (because I am a vegetarian) and it was delicious. For those of you that do not know, a hamburger at in-n-out has lettuce, tomato, and “spread” (which is something like thousand island dressing). I also got it with grilled onions. So yummy. We were driving up to my friend’s house in Livermore, CA, about 45 minutes outside of California for the weekender.

To me, the drive was really pretty. Being from Indiana, I have never really been around mountains large hills (as Carolline informed me), and there are lots of windmills right before you get into the San Francisco area. The next person from California that asks me if Indiana is all farmland will definitely get a response from me, seeing as California is ALL farmland. What double standards.

My favortie part of the drive was going through the “grapevine,” a part of the road that twists through the mountains. I thought it was beautiful, but my carmates who had accomplished the drive numerous times in their lives did not agree. Well, the drive was fun and I look to having a great and relaxing time in California away from the craziness of classes, midterms, and papers. Talk to you all soon.

Listening to: San Francisco playlist (aka every song on my ipod for the 5 hour drive)

Reading: Ghosts of Mackinac (partly for my ghost stories class. partly for fun.)

Watching: the view from the passanger’s seat =)

=)  arianna