hello everyone!

This morning, my roomate and I cooked with the USC chapter of Food Not Bombs. It was something I had always wanted to do, but never really had the chance to participate in my freshman year. Food Not Bombs is an organization that shares free vegetarian (and as I found out usually vegan) food with hungry people while also protesting war and poverty. According to their website, “the movement has worked to end hunger and has supported actions to stop the globalization of the economy, restrictions to the movements of people, end exploitation and the destruction of the earth.” If you want more info, check out their website: http://www.foodnotbombs.net/.

The USC chapter meets at a Co-op house on 28th street. It was a very colorful, cool, and extremely friendly environment. When we arrived, my roomate rachel and I were some of the first people there. I found it interesting that no one is technically in charge of the movement. Everyone that is a volunteer is considered an equal.

Food Not Bombs

Earlier in the week, another volunteer had collected unused food from a farmer’s market, and with the ingriedients, as a group we decide what to make each week. This week all we had to work with was eggplant. We had some rice and bread also, but someone ended up going to the store to buy some potatoes and onion.

We washed and cut the eggplant while some people cooked rice. We ended up making some grilled eggplant and then mixed the rest in with the onions and rice. The potatoes were cooked as a side dish. Rachel and I left to  go for a swim in the pool before the game started, so we didn’t serve today, but hopefully we will next weekend. The group serves the food we cook for lunch at exposition park.

I met a lot of interesting (in a good way) people and had a lot of fun. Can’t wait to go back next week. Looking forward to a busy week?! Midterms starting (ahhh!) Cheers.

Watching: Glee

Listening To: Ursa Major (Third Eye Blind)

Reading: The Five People You Meet in Heaven

=)  arianna