My favorite type of food is Greek food. Last night my roommates and I went to The Grove. We did a little shopping of course and then we ate dinner at Ulysses. IT was the first time I have had Greek food in a lont time, but it was delicious. Shockingly to me at least, my roommates had never experienced saganaki, more commonly known as flaming cheese. For those who have never experienced saganaki this picture explains it:
Picture 1
Everyone shouts opppaaaa. It’s pretty great. Anyway we had a great meal and it was a fun night to get away from work and school, which is already really rough only two weeks back in!

Watching: DEXTER DEXTER DEXTER (obsessed)

Listening to: Miley Cyrus radio…don’t judge

Reading: Shutter Island

☮♥ =) arianna