The happiest place on earth.

Last week, I went to Disneyland for the first time ever with all the other VSAs. (I can not believe no one has posted about it yet!!) I had so much fun. I completely confident in saying that I had the most fun…

Top Rides: (aka all the rides I went on, which I enjoyed all of them)
***note: these are in no particular order….well it’s hard to distinguish which one I enjoyed the most
1. Tower of Terror (I’ve ridden this at Disney World and it is my favorite!!!)
2. Space Mountain (Rode twice…the second time I was in the front left…best seat ever according to kelly…i agree!!!)
3. Splash Mountain (rode it 3x…twice by myself…as the park was shutting down…picture to follow…this ride comes close to being my favorite…I was singing zip-a-dee-doo-dah with the characters the whole time)
4. Pirates of the Caribbean (one word: classic)
(4.5 While speaking of classics: It’s a Small World obvi goes on this list)
5. The Haunted Mansion (the first time I remember riding this was in Orlando in California…my brother was screaming and crying and my parents made him go on it…so the ride has some nostalgia for me…I’m going to have to go back when the ride is Nightmare before Christmas themed!!!)

Picture 1

Honorable Mentions:
* Indiana Jones
* Finding Nemo (sooo cute…also my first ride ever at Disneyland)
* California Scremin’

We also saw the fireworks and ate ice cream at Gibson’s ice cream Parlor on main street, which was a great way to end the day, well before splash mountain that is. Brittany and I stayed until the park closed!

Watching: Dexter…on to season two!!!!

Listening to: Third Eye blind…predictable.

Reading: physics and dynamics notes and books…also a great read about rocket recovery systems thanks to Scott Macklin!

☮♥ =) arianna

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  • kelly says:

    Yes, front left is the best! I’m glad you had a good time. I LOVE D-land. I will say that Indiana Jones is my favorite ride though–not just an honorable mention for me! Did you get a chance to go on Soarin’ Over California? When it’s warmer, you should try Grizzly River Run…Splash Mountain is a spritz of water compared to that ride.