Well I’m still in a food coma from yesterday, and I’m just planning on eating more later. Everyone (aka aunts uncles cousing etc) came to our house for Christmas yesterday. Some relatives from Illinois couldn’t make it yesterday because of all the bad weather, so they are coming today. It was really great to see everyone and play my favorite Christmas tradition: family charades!!! (my team won of course!!!….charades may be my favorite game ever…I really do not believe that anyone understands how much I love charades…if charades was an olympic sport my sister and I would get gold!!!) I hope everyone had a great Christmas and got exactly what they wanted. I got a clothes, jewelry, etc. The most important gift I got was a juicer and as strange as that my sound it was exactly what I wanted.

Watching: Reruns of Modern Family on Hulu

Listening to: My Ipod while at the gym bllaaahhhhh

Reading: I told myself I would read over break…not going well.

☮♥ =) arianna