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It’s been a while since my last update. Just a quick recap on the rest of my summer: while interning in Waukegan, Illinois with Abbott, I was lucky enough to go to Lollapalooza for the first time ever and see some of my favorite artists: Galantis, Odesza, and Kygo (among others). I also popped up to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to attend my cousin’s wedding.

My cousin Navjot's wedding!

My cousin Navjot’s wedding!

Squad at Lolla

Squad at Lolla

This school year, I’ve started taking Master’s classes as a part of the Progressive Degree Program. In case you haven’t heard of PDP, it’s a great program that allows you to finish a Master’s in just one year (or less!) after your Bachelor’s by starting to take classes while an undergraduate student. So, I am taking two Industrial and Systems Engineering classes in order to receive a degree in Engineering Management. This is in combination with Physiological Systems, Linear Systems, and Basics of Biomedical Imaging.

I’m also still working in the Laboratory for Living Systems Engineering, researching “organs on chips” under Dr. Megan McCain. My project on skeletal muscle development is well underway, and we are preparing to present it at the Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Conference in Tampa, Florida this year! I’m so excited; stay tuned for ample coverage of the event.

Another organization I’m involved in is Southern California Indo-Americans, where I serve as the Logistics Director. Essentially, I help to make sure that all of our events are planned and carried out efficiently and effectively. It’s a lot of fun, because two of my best friends are the co-presidents of the organization, so executive board meetings are always a great time.


My SCIA friends at a freshman recruitment event!

I know I’ve said this every year (literally, look at my past blogs), but despite the fact that this year is going to be incredibly challenging, I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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