I love that, in college, word of mouth is such an amazing way to get information and recommendations about restaurants and places to go. Last weekend I went to Badmaash, an Indian-fusion gastropub located in downtown LA.

They describe themselves as serving “casual and traditional Indian flavors with DTLA swag,” and they definitely delivered on that. As a big fan of Indian food, I enjoyed their interesting, modern twist on traditional food. The manager of the restaurant hails from Canada, and he brings his own culture to mix with the food—one of their specialties is a Canadian-esque poutine, a delicacy of Canada that consists of fries topped with gravy and other garnishes. Their Chicken tikka poutine tasted as delicious as it sounds.


My friends and I talked to the manager about the restaurant and its success. This restaurant is pretty new; it opened about 7 months ago and has gained a lot of popularity since. The Canadian, Drake-loving manager was extremely nice and shared with us his love for LA and his future plans to expand even more.

Super authentic Chai tea

Super authentic Chai tea!

group badmaash

Definitely love this restaurant, I’d recommend it to anyone!



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