As much of a fan as I am of EVK, I often get tired of being on the pizza and salad grind and want to eat somewhere else. So when my roommate’s birthday came around, we figured it was a good opportunity to get off campus and celebrate with some sort of style.


Let me set the scene: it was a bright, sunny Thursday. We had just finished a brutal Chemistry midterm. We decided to dress up and take the metro to Culver City to check out this cool vegan restaurant called Native Foods. After all, my roommate is vegetarian and we all sympathize with her struggle to find food that she can actually eat.


After our metro adventure to the restaurant, we ordered food and eagerly anticipated its arrival. It was potentially the most interesting assortment of food I had ever tried. Here are some of the items my friends and I ordered and our personal opinions on them:


Native Fries: These were amazing. There were two kinds- sweet potato fries and seasoned potato fries. They were cooked to perfection and seasoned perfectly. Recommendation: 5/5


Nuevo Native Nachos: There was no cheese. There was some weird sauce that acted as “native cheese.” Interesting is the nicest adjective I could use to describe this. There was some chipotle cream that tasted odd, too. But the beans, guacamole, and salsa were pretty good. Recommendation: 2/5


Classic Deli Reuben: It was not good, to be pretty honest. Didn’t taste like actual meat, the rest wasn’t great either. Recommendation: 1/5


Twister Wrap: The chicken, salsa, and avocado in the wrap were good, slightly bland, but better than expected. It actually tasted like chicken. Recommendation: 3.5/5


Baja Blackened Tacos: It was pretty good; it tasted remarkably like normal tacos, like the guacamole and salsa. Recommendation: 4/5


Overall, the restaurant was reasonable. It wasn’t the most delicious food I have tried, but I appreciated the effort to be environmentally friendly and to make vegan food taste like food that everyone eats. I’d recommend it for vegetarian people are trying new, creative things to fit their diet.



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