I know it’s surprising. Who actually likes Leavey?? Despite its interesting environment, I am actually the most productive at this library. Last year, I lived at Birnkrant, so Leavey was the closest, most convenient study spot. I would literally leave my building and be at the front entrance of Leavey. Even this year, living at Troy, Leavey is still quite close and convenient as a place to study.

My favorite place in particular is the gray and blue room on the third floor, up the pink and green color blocked stairwell (the color scheme at Leavey never fails to confuse me). I find a nice cubicle and spread out all my stuff on the huge desks. It’s usually really quiet, so I find myself able to study without distractions. I try to get there earlier in the evening or late at night, because in between it is usually quite crowded and acquiring a desk is a challenge.

When I need a study break, Starbucks/TroGro is just outside the door! I always get a coffee or a snack, some sort of pick me up, to keep me going while I study.


In addition, Leavey is great for group studying. When I need to have a discussion with people about some subject, like Molecular Biology, I can easily reserve one of the rooms on the second floor or in the basement for a few hours at a time.

I can honestly say Leavey is one of my most visited places on campus. It’s my go-to place for all kinds of working, and I always feel accomplished after an evening of studying there!



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