Hello again everyone!

One of my favorite stress-relieving activities that I’ve experienced in LA is hiking. There are so many great places around here to hike, like the Hollywood Sign, Runyon Canyon, and Malibu. However, I’ve definitely enjoyed the hike to the Griffith Observatory the very best!

I first did this hike a little over a month ago. It is located so close to the Hollywood Sign that you can see it from the Observatory! The great thing about this is that after the approximate 45 minute hike with three of my friends, there was a treat at the end: the Observatory itself! It was a beautiful sight: we could see so much of Los Angeles. It was a different, amazing perspective of the city that I’ve come to know and love during my time here at USC. We looked at the huge sculpture outside the building that is an homage to the six greatest astronomers, watched the pendulum clock for a little bit, and checked out the numerous spectacular views on the different terraces. There were not only hikers (like me and my friends), but families, students, and pretty much every kind of person you could come across in LA.

Griffith 5

Since we went during the day, we didn’t get to appreciate all of the cool things in the Observatory, like the planetarium, the science theater, telescopes, and numerous exhibits. I’ll be sure to catch them next time I’m there!



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